For Sale—Taiwan Civil Construction Corporation with Class-A special permit

It is the best opportunity to penetrate Civil Construction Market in Taiwan

We are hereby entrusted by a Class-A Taiwan Civil Construction Corporation to sell their company.
This class-A company has 24 years history.
There have about 50 records of completed civil constructions.
These government granted projects spread in the below areas:
(1) The construction of the irrigation work
(2) The construction of the road and bridge building
(3) The construction of sewer and tunnel
(4) Land road construction(5) The construction of the water and soil conservation
(6) The construction of the landscape project
(7) The dredging project of reservoir
(8) Construction such as the constructional work-factory, building

Civil construction corporations in Taiwan are required to hold special permit licenses.

These special permit licenses can be categorized into Classes A, B or C, of which A is the highest level.
Civil construction corporations that hold Class-A special permits are authorized to deliver biddings of all scales.

Companies are required to present/provide evidences to the following when delivering a government bidding case:
(1)    A record of completed  civil constructions of past similar projects
(2)    Proof of good financial records (i.e. no records of unpaid checks or records of bankruptcy, etc.)
(3)    Absence of bad records in the Government authorities named as Public Construction Commission

That means if your company want to win Taiwan civil construction bidding offered by government, you need to own an existent Civil Construction corporation.
Therefore, buying in a Civil Construction corporation in Taiwan is a practical way if you want to penetrate Taiwan Civil Construction Market.

In order to reduce your risk, we always do preparation work and confirm the following before the buyer shows interests in this Class-A Taiwan Civil Construction Corporation:
(1)    It is without any contingent liability
(2)    It is a company with no past bad records in government authorities, named as the Public Construction Commission
(3)    The numbers of in-process projects
(4)    The numbers of projects still in maintenance period
(5)    The existence of financial guarantees
(6)    The types of completed construction projects in its record

Then you can assign your CPA and corporate lawyers to do due diligence.

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