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Seychelles IBC Registration

(IBC – International Business Company)

Seychelles is a country located in the Indian Ocean, containing 115 islands.

Seychelles IBC is one of the most popular type of offshore corporation in Seychelles. Like BVI IBC, it is a tax-free corporation designed for international business, with no mandatory financial reporting, minimum requirements for keeping records, and strong confidentiality.
Incorporation Time – Frame: 24 hours

Minimum: One
*Corporate Directors Permissible
*No Local Director Requirement
*Record of directors are not lodged with the Authority and not accessible to the public
*Directors meeting can be held anywhere

Minimum: One
*Corporate Shareholder permissible
*No local shareholder requirement
*Shareholder’s meeting can be held anywhere
*Records of the shareholders are not lodged to the Authority and not accessible to the public
*Register of Shareholders must be kept at the Registered Office

Beneficial Owners
Details of the beneficial owners are not required to be filed with the Registrar
*Shares may be held by a nominee on behalf of the beneficial owner

Company Secretary
Not Required

Share Capital
Standard currency is USD but any other convertible currency is permitted
*Bearer shares allowed (the name of the person holding the bearer share certificate will have to be disclosed to the Registered Agent)

Accounts and Returns
Not Required
*Accounting records must be kept at the registered office or such other place as the Directors see fit

Required to have a registered office and agent in Seychelles
*Company seal optional
*May not carry on business in Seychelles
*All IBCs are required to have a suffix at the end of their name



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Taiwan Tax Benefit

For enterprises that received approval for this tax benefit, the withholding tax rate on its income from Taiwan will be reduced from 20% to 3% or 2%.
Businesses whose headquarters are outside of Taiwan must apply for the tax benefit described in Article 25 of Income Tax Act with the Ministry of Finance and 15% of its business revenue within Taiwan would be the taxable income.


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