Our Services


  • Outsourcing services of financial accounting to foreign owned businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China:
    • Set up of foreign owned businesses in Taiwan and Mainland China.
    • Work permit application for staff and managers.
    • Accounting, bookkeeping and payment handling based on web-based electronic authorization system.
    • Payroll transfer, handling of health and labor insurances.
    • Filing tax returns in Taiwan and Mainland China.
    • In addition to above, we have designed our own web-based electronic authorization system for our clients to use free-of-charge. This system allows personnel of a parent company to join the daily documentary approval process of their subsidiaries. We also cooperate with Taiwan-based and Asia-based banks to provide a secure web-based electronic authorization system that requires parent company personnel authorization before transferring payments.
  • WP (Work Permit) and ARC (Alien Resident Certificate) Service: WP and ARC application on behalf of local representative assigned by wholly-owned foreign entity in Taiwan such as representative office, branch, subsidiary or joint venture.
  • Legal service: Includes newly set up company, existing company amendment and special license application for both domestic and foreign owned enterprises.
  • Auditing: With financial auditing, tax auditing and due diligence.
  • Tax consultation: Involves tax planning and preparation for corporate and individual returns.
  • Internal control system design: Accounting system design, internal control system design, internal audit system design and budget system design to meet Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requirements.
  • Business valuation and Intellectual property valuation: Business valuation, IP valuation, IP commercialization.
  • Public listing planning: Including preparation for Asian enterprises listing on the US OTCBB, AMEX and NASDAQ markets.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring: Deal structuring and drafting, due diligence, and CEO coaching after M&A.
  • MIS strategic planning and implementation: MIS strategic planning at all levels; ERP system implementation,Workflow electronic sign-up system, and Business Process Restructuring (BPR).
  • Business consulting: Covers management diagnosis, total operation analysis, business positioning, multi-times growth planning, value-based analysis based on Human Drive-Economic Value Added methodology (HD-EVAM), Salary and performance linking system based on HD-EVAM, computer skill validation System; and TOEIC validation system.
  • Financial planning: Including BOT (Build Operate Transfer) financial planning for governments; financial forecasting and prospectus drafting for private organizations.
  • US income tax return preparation: Includes filing of federal and state income tax returns for US citizens living abroad.
  • Individual tax planning for shareholders of listed companies: Includes financial recording, preparation of income tax, household asset planning, trust agreement drafting for shareholders; real estate trust agreement drafting.
  • Others: Including commercial, tax law and regulation training; accounting training service.


All Services in Taiwan

Company registration,
Open bank account,
Work Permit and Visa application;
Online Accounting Services,
Payment Services,
Tax Compliance Services;
Payroll compliance Services,
Trademark Registration;
Due Diligence for M&A project,
Selling-out Business on behalf of Seller

All Services in China

Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and other major cities in China;
Company Registration,
Open Bank Account,
Work Permit and Z Visa;
Online Accounting Services;
Payment services;
Payroll compliance services;
Trademark registration;
Due Diligence for M&A Project

All Services in APAC

We act as your in-house accountant supported by cloud accounting and payroll system.
We are a member of LEA and IAPA.
Our affiliated companies are located at APAC major cities.
We are featured in providing services to the overseas entities of MNC (Multi-National-Companies) parent companies.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud Services supported by Cloud System
Global wise organized Service Items and Packages
We have built County-by-country online Knowledge Database
We use it for sharing and training Evershine staff and local partner staff.
Assuring our clients being compliance with tax, payroll and investment regulations in each country.