List of key partners and staff

Key Personnel and Key Staffs

Dale Chen, Principal Partner, CPA in Taiwan and China, MBA, Taiwan Patent Attorney, AIA UKCPA
Aaron Cheng, Senior Manager of IT Department
Alison Chen  California Manager
Andrea Kyu,  Japan Manager
Anny Lin,  Senior Manager of Overseas Partner Support
Anthony Bao, Shanghai Law Service Department
Carol Kuo, Payroll Service Department
Cindy Tsai , 
The Manager of Online Accounting Service Department Manager
Cindy Victoria, Indonesian-Client- project Manager
Claire Wu,
Online Accounting Service Department
Crystal Pan,
Payroll Service Department
Daniel Chen, 
HQ Online Accounting Service Department Manager
Daniel Liu,  Service Head of Work Permit and Resident Certificate
David Lee, 
Beijing Online Accounting Service Manager
David Wei,  Partner, CPA in Taiwan and USA
Debbie Sun, 
Shanghai Deputy Manager 
Dora Hsieh,
Online Accounting Service Department
Dorothy Lu, 
Deputy Manager of Online Accounting Service 
Ellen Chen,
Online Accounting Service Department
Eric Wang, 
Deputy Manager of the IT Department
Ian Lin, San Francisco Branch Manager
Irin Tsai,
Online Accounting Service Department
Ivy Liao, 
Sydney Branch Manager
Jerry Chu
, The Manager of  Legal Service for Company Registration
JR Yang, 
Services on Trademark Application services
Julie Yu; Law Service Department
Julia Shen; 
Law Service Department
Karen Chen,
Online Accounting Service Department
Kerry Chen,
 The Manager of Payroll Service Department
Kirstin Chang,
Online Accounting Service Department
Klaus Chang; 
Lawyer , Law service Department
Lilian Chan,
Payroll Service Department
Lily Chen,
Payroll Service Department
Linda Hou, 
Auditing Department Senior Manager
Lingo Lee, 
Legal Service for Company Registration Senior Manager
Lisa Chang, 
Taiwan CPA, MBA
Maggie Tai,
Overseas-Client-Service project Manager
Meiling Wu,
Overseas-Client-Service project Manager
Michelle Hsieh,
Payroll Service Department
Miya Huang,
Payroll Service Department
Nina Yang, 
Payroll Service Department Associate Manager
Noir Chen,
 Online Accounting Service Department
Peilan Chan,
Payroll Service Department
Punit ;
 India Manager
Penny Tsai, 
Deputy Manager of Online Accounting Service 
Rachel Su
, Chief Operations Director
Rick Huang, India-Client-Service Project Manager
Sam Wang, Audit Department
Sarah Lin,
Audit Department
Sherry Chen,
Shanghai Online Accounting Service Department
Shilvi Li,
Overseas-Client-Service project Manager
Todd Lin, 
Non-execution BOD Director of Taiwan Evershine BPO Service Corp.
Daniel Chen,  
Shanghai Branch Manager
Wendy Chen, Xiamen Branch Manager
Xiaping Liu, 
Xiamen Assistant Manager
Yvonne Wu,
Payroll Service Department

*The above record’s dated 201708

Dale Chen – Curriculum Vitae
NAME: Chen Chung-Cheng (Also known as Dale Chen)
BIRTHDAY: August 8, 1953
ADDRESS: 6F No. 378, Changchun Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
(Nanjing Fuxing MRT station, the intersection of Weihu Line (brown line) and Songshan Line (green line), near Brother Hotel)
TEL: +886-2-2717-0515 ext. 100
FAX: +886-2-2717-0696
MOBILE PHONE: +886-933-920-199
E-mail Address:
Dale Chen Linkedin (English)
Facebook: Dale Chen Facebook (Chinese)

Master in Business Administration (June, 1982)
Tatung University, Taipei, Taiwan
Bachelor of Science (June, 1976)
National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
Geology Department

Certified Public Accountant of Taiwan, R.O.C.
Certified Public Accountant of China (The People’s Republic of China)
Certified Public Accountant of UK recognized by AIA
Patent Attorney of Taiwan R.O.C.
Nationally recognized instructor in the practice of Bio-tech related Venture Investment
Business Valuation Analyst

English proficient. Intermediate oral skills in English. Fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese communication.



Several Taiwan stock listing companies
Independent Director of BOD, Supervisor, Member of 
Scanteak Furniture (Taiwan Quote No: 6195)
Uniform Industrial Corp. (Taiwan Quote No: 2482)
J P Nelson Construction Leasing (Taiwan Quote No: 8418)
Pharmatech Generic Drug (Taiwan Quote: under application)
Civil Tech (Taiwan Quote: under application)
Everlight Chemical (Taiwan Quote No.: 1711)

Taiwan Evershine BPO Service Corp.
(Founder & Chairman)
1994 to present
Founded by the principal Partner of Evershine CPAs Firm in 1994.
As a holding parent company, invested into:
Xiamen Evershine in 2006
Beijing Evershine in 2011
Shanghai Evershine in 2012
USA San Franciso Evershine in 2014
Australia Syndey Evershine in 2014
India New Delhi Evershine in 2014

Evershine CPAs Firm
(Founder & Chief Partner)

Jan 1992 ~ Present: Dale Chen was the founder of Evershine CPAs Firm. Since then, he has been the Chief Partner.

Evershine Investment Corporation (Abbreviated as Evershine)

Jan 1991 ~ Dec 2003: Evershine was a high-tech venture capital firm. In Taipei’s investment circle, Evershine had alliances with several investment decision-makers who specialize in different areas. Evershine specialized in Biotech and Nano-technology areas. Evershine jointly invested in 52 high-tech companies, of which about 30% were located in U.S.A., about 10% located in China and 60% located in Taiwan. Now, Dale Chen is a Member of the Board of several high-tech corporations.

Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation (Abbreviated as Everlight)
(Deputy General Manager; Member of the Board)
Jan 1997 ~ Dec 2003: Everlight is a multinational publicly listed company in Taiwan. Everlight has approximately 1200 employees. Everlight’s registered capital is about USD 120 million and revenue is also about USD 120 million. Dale Chen supervised the following departments: Information Technology, Finance, Investment, and Nano-material Business Unit.

Development Center for Biotechnology (Abbreviated as DCB)
(Business Manager)

Jun 1984 ~ Jun 1991: DCB is a non-profit organization, which is sponsored by the Economic Ministry of the R.O.C. Dale Chen was the 9th employee in DCB’s history. Presently, DCB has about 350 employees. Dale Chen was responsible for the following affairs: MIS-setup, technology transfer, government correspondence and industrial services.

Tatung Corporation (Abbreviated as Tatung)
Jun 1980 ~ Jun 1984: Tatung is one of the largest private corporations in Taiwan. Currently, Tatung’s revenue is around NTD 200 billion and it has over 30,000 employees. Dale Chen worked for the Information Technology Department to set up their financial system.

Tatung University
Jun 1978 ~ Jun 1980: DaleChen received MBA. Tatung University is sponsored by the Tatung Corporation.

All Services in Taiwan

Company registration,
Open bank account,
Work Permit and Visa application;
Online Accounting Services,
Payment Services,
Tax Compliance Services;
Payroll compliance Services,
Trademark Registration;
Due Diligence for M&A project,
Selling-out Business on behalf of Seller

All Services in China

Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and other major cities in China;
Company Registration,
Open Bank Account,
Work Permit and Z Visa;
Online Accounting Services;
Payment services;
Payroll compliance services;
Trademark registration;
Due Diligence for M&A Project

All Services in APAC

We act as your in-house accountant supported by cloud accounting and payroll system.
We are a member of LEA and IAPA.
Our affiliated companies are located at APAC major cities.
We are featured in providing services to the overseas entities of MNC (Multi-National-Companies) parent companies.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud Services supported by Cloud System
Global wise organized Service Items and Packages
We have built County-by-country online Knowledge Database
We use it for sharing and training Evershine staff and local partner staff.
Assuring our clients being compliance with tax, payroll and investment regulations in each country.