How Evershine serve clients when clients using their own ERP in Taiwan?

Assist your company’s ERP system for use in Taiwan!
Help your company’s ERP system to be used in Taiwan! Evershine provides Taiwan regulatory compliance review, Taiwan payroll operations services, manufacturing cost verification, and preparation of tax declarations in Taiwan.

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How Evershine serve clients on tax compliance review in Taiwan?

-E: clients will use ERP that parent company is familiar with.
-All transactions will be operated on clients’ ERP.

-After  accounting entries being generated, they will be transferred to the F: Evershine cloud accounting platform.

**Service Focus:
-F: Evershine executing: compliance+Chinese+attached documents.
-Before clients’ paying-out, must execute compliance review by Evershine in advance.
-Sales invoices must be issued after Evershine execute compliance review
-Collaboratively serve clients with Taiwan local CPA firms affiliated with Evershine.

How Evershine serve clients on Payroll processing & compliance in Taiwan?

-A: Receive relevant data from your ERP Payroll modue including: gross salary, basic salary, varible salary, leave, overtime, attendance and others.
-after receiving data files from E:ERP,transfer to B: Evershine Cloud Payroll Platform.
-Then, transfer to Evershine installed H: Taiwan local payroll software and do gross to net salary calculation
– Then transfer fromH:Taiwan local payroll to B: Evershine Clou Payroll Platform
-Transfer labor cost journal Entry to E: ERP Financial Module used by clients
**Service Focus
-Issue Payroll slip to each employee and accept query
-Generate labor cost entries according to clients’ instructions.
-Draft labor contract template and do labor compliance Review

-Serve clients collaboratively with Taiwan local payroll service providers

How Evershine serve clients to do cost-of-goods calculation when clients use their own ERP ?

-Clients use their own ERP Manufacturing Module to do cost-of-goods calculation

-C: Manufactureing Cost = Materials+Direct Labor+Expenses)
-Materials Cost Data will be from D: clients’ ERP Selling, purchasing and Inventory modules
-Direct Labor Cost Data will be from B:Evershine Cloud Payroll platform
-Expenses data will be from E:Clients’ ERP Financial module
**Service Focus
-if clients does not have local accountants to perform cost-of-goods calculation, Evershine will send our colleagues to do the services.
-Clients must provide 2 ERP user accounts for Evershine to use.

How Evershine execute cost verification when clients using ther own ERP?

•Obtain purchase book, sales book, inventory book and their attached documents from clients ERP D: purchase & selling &Inventory modules and C:manufacturing module

•I:Evershine will use its own costing system to do cost verification.
•if clients already entrusted Evershine to perform Cost Calculation, Evershine will simultaneously conduct Cost verification.

**Service Focus
•Before doing cost verification, will do reconciliation with relevant journal entries in advance.

How Evershine help tax declaration preparation in Taiwan when clients using their own ERP?

-Transfer Journal entires from E: clients ERP Financial module to F: Evershine Cloud Accounting Platform.
-Evershine execute: Complinace review+ Chinese+ attached documents.
-Transfer journal entries with attachment from F: Evershine Cloud Accounting Platform to G: regularly Taiwan local accounting software implemented inside Evershine.

**Service Focus
-Evershine will be responsible for communicating with Taiwan local accountants or tax CPA to prepare tax declaration documents for each country in Taiwan.
-Evershine will use self-implemented G: regularly Taiwan local accounting software to facilitate communication with Taiwan local accountants or tax CPA in various countries.

How Evershine serve clients when clients using their own ERP in other countries?

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Dale Chen, Principal Partner/CPA in Taiwan+China+UK, AIA,
watsapp: +886-0933920199
Skype: daleccchen
wechat: evershiinecpa
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