How to register Branch in Taiwan?

The procedures and requirements while setting up a  foreign-owned Taiwan branch;  Documents preparartion for Bank opening in Taiwan; Tax ID, Employer Withholding ID, VAT ID etc.

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Which one we should set up in Taiwan?  Subsidiary? Branch? or Representative office?
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Branch Registration Services( abbreviated as  ELR-BRA)
1. Procedures
1.1 Reservation of Company Name & Business Scope (2 days)
1.2 Branch Registration Pre-approval (10 days*)
1.3 Open a preparatory bank account** and remit the working capital (varied)
1.4 Working Capital audited by a CPA (1 day)
1.5 Capital Verification to complete the Branch Registration (7 days*)
1.6 Business (Tax) Registration (6 days)
1.7 Exporter & Importer Registration (1 day)
1.8 MOEACA IC Card Application (5 days)
1.9 Account Conversion & Online Banking Application
** (1 day) * Some cases will take more time.
** For the account opening & online banking application, the Branch Manager requires attending in person.

2. Required documents
2.1 Proposed name in English & Chinese
2.2 The amount of Working Capital
2.3 Photocopy of the Certificate of Incorporation
2.4 Power of Attorney appointing the Branch Manager
2.5 Power of Attorney appointing the Responsible Person
2.6 Power of Attorney* to appoint the investment agent (Evershine) to handle the relevant applications
2.7 Branch Manager’s Passport and Driver License copy
2.8 Responsible Person’s Passport and Driver License copy
2.9 Shareholder Structure
2.10 Registered Office Address documents:
2.10.1 Consent Letter signed by the Landlord, and
2.10.2 Copy of the house tax statement, and
2.10.3 Tenancy Agreement
* We will provide you with the templates for items 2.4 to 2.6.
* For items 2.10.1 to 2.10.3, when using our virtual office address services, Evershine will prepare them.
* The items 2.4 to 2.6, we need the original.
* The above quotation would not include the special permit application when your branch office needs to be permitted in advance.
* The above quotation would not include the foreign investment from the P.R.C. shareholder.

Registered Office Address( abbreviated as  ELR-VRA)
Branch registration requires a registered office address. If you need us to arrange a registered office address, the rental fee is USD 1,800 for 12 months (USD 150 per month) paid directly to the Landlord. This service fee is not refundable once paid.

The government fee for ELR( abbreviated as  ELR-GOV)
The Government fee: NTD 170 for name reservation, NTD 2,000 for branch registration (if the working capital is below NTD 4,000,000), and NTD 420 for MOEACA IC Card.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses( abbreviated as  ELR-OPE)
These expenses are caused by handling your branch office set-up including taxi, stamp, Federal Express, etc.

Bank Account Opening Assistance( abbreviated as  ELI-IBA)
Evershine’s staff will accompany the client to the bank and provide the relevant assistance. Whether or not the client can establish an account is on the bank’s decision.

MOEACA IC Card( abbreviated as  ELI-ICC)
If you would like to hire employees, you need to apply for the MOEACA IC Card.

Business (Tax) Registration( abbreviated as  ELI-TBP)
1. The Representative will need to attend the Taxation Bureau in person.
2. Obtain the license to purchase blank GUI.

Customs Import and Export Licence( abbreviated as  ELI-CIE)
Before your branch office imports or export, you will need to get this license.

Government Fee for ELI( abbreviated as  ELI-GOV)
The fee will be paid to the Government Authorities.

Out-of-pocket expenses for ELI( abbreviated as  ELI-OPE)
The expense causes by handling your branch office’s initiate business operation application, including taxi, stamp, Federal Express, etc.

(version:2021/05, subject to change)

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