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WFOE set-up, Work Permit, PEO, Payroll, Accounting, Tax Compliance. Supported by our own cloud accounting and payroll system. Contribute to relieving global warming through reducing air travel. Work together with our overseas colleagues in 24 affiliates.

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Taiwan WFOE Company Registration Services 
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Service Coverage
*Company Registration (Subsidiary, Branch, RO)
(Internet banking function)
*Work Permit Application
*ARC (Alien Residence Certificate) Application
*Taiwan FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Application; RA (Regulation affairs ) Application
*Trademark Registration

Taiwan Cloud Accountant Sharing Services 
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Sharing of accounting professionals
By using the Cloud Accounting System to provide a collaborative work environment, we act as your in-house accountant role although we are not sitting at your company’s office.
If your company adopts our services, you only need to assign an accountant located at the site of the parent company to take care of your subsidiary accounting jobs. You don’t need to hire any local accountant, a cashier, a payroll handler, and IT officer to take care of your subsidiary in other countries. We also incorporate the internet banking function of many famous banks to enable your personnel to review or/and approve for wire payment to suppliers and employees at any time at any location.
Your company will not need to leave the seal (company seal) or/and the stamp (name of representative) to any local staff in order to avoid losing financial control.
In addition, we can make monthly IFRS financial statements within the next five working days.
There are three major features of our service:
Fraud-Proof (with internal control), Seamless Collaboration, Hassle-Free (easily implemented).

You do not need to recruit your own local in-house accountant in Taiwan
Both of your staff in the Parent company and Evershine Taiwan staff work together to undertake all accounting functions required by your Taiwan WFOE.
Evershine will act as the role of an in-house accountant in your Taiwan WFOE.
Evershine services will be supported by Cloud System plus Internet Banking.

Work Permit Application for Expatriates to Taiwan
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When an expatriate employee is posted to Taiwan, the employer must obtain a work permit (valid for up to five years) on the employee’s behalf, and the employee must obtain a visa from a representative office in the home country or (if already in Taiwan) from the Bureau of Consular Affairs.
Upon arrival in Taiwan: The employee must undergo a medical examination within three days; The employee must apply for an alien resident certificate (ARC) from a  service center within 15 days.

Taiwan Payroll Compliance 
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ADP Employer Services International provides multi-country payroll outsourcing services through ADP Streamline®.
Evershine CPAs Firm is a local partner of ADP Streamline® in Taiwan. www.adp.com/streamline

Three Services Patterns of Payroll and Attendance 
Service Coverage
* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime
* Labor Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
* Health insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
* Pension Fund Charge paid by the company and employee
* Withholding Tax for local employee
* File withholding tax for expatriate
* Gross salary and net-cash salary
* Salary wire transferring services
* Delivering payment slip to each employee
* Accepting query from each employee.
* Annual accumulation salary income and withholding tax report to Tax Bureau.
* Year-end insurance premium certificate
* Severance pay application
* File for listing and delisting of Labor Insurance and Health Insurance
* Work Permit application in Taiwan
* Working Visa Application in Taiwan
* Local Services for expatriates like airport pick-up, hotel and renting, bank account, etc,.
Taiwan Employment Outsourcing Services
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For Taiwan Local staff and For Overseas Expatriates
If your company doesn’t want to set up a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) in Taiwan, but you will recruit employees temporarily or by project base, we suggest you adopt our Taiwan Professional Employment Outsourcing.
It means Evershine will recruit your overseas expatriates or Taiwanese local staff on behalf of your company.
And then we will take care of all kinds of relevant local services including of payroll compliance and expenditure process.
Besides, Evershine will fully comply with Taiwan law and regulations on individual Tax, Statuary Social Benefit and Labor rights.
We founded our services have another name so-called PEO (Professional Employer Organization) Service.

Taiwan zero tax rate exemption application services under DTA
If  your country has signed DTA(Double Taxation Agreements) with Taiwan and you are considered as a non-PE in Taiwan, when your Taiwan clients(as a payer) or your Taiwan subsidiary (as a payer) pay service fees  to  you (as a payee), we will  provide zero tax rate exemption application services under DTA.

Taiwan Tax Benefit application on Article 15-1

If your country have not signed DTA (Double Taxation Agreement) with Taiwan  “or”  you  are considered as PE in Taiwan, when your Taiwan clients(as a Payer) or your Taiwan subsidiary(as a Payer) pay service fees to  you (as a Payee), you might be able to use the formula (Deemed profit ratio * Contribution ratio * 20%) as  withholding tax rate, instead of 20%, upon approval of  Taiwan Tax Benefit Application on Article 15-1  from Tax bureau.

Taiwan Tax Benefit Application on Article 25 tpe4ww.25
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For enterprises that received approval for the tax benefit, the withholding tax rate on its income from Taiwan will be significantly reduced from 20% to 3% or 2%.
Businesses whose headquarters are outside of Taiwan must apply for the tax benefit described in Article 25 of the Income Tax Act with the Ministry of Finance and 15% of its business revenue within Taiwan would be the taxable income.
Effective Tax Rate
With ATC 25 advance ruling approval deemed profit ratios can be summarized as follows:

Deemed Profit Ratio Tax RateEffective Tax Rate
1)International transport10%20%2%
2)Construction Contracting15%20%3%
3)Technical services15%20%3%
4)Equipment leasing15%20%3%

Taiwan Trademark Registration 
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When you plan to register trademark in China, for safety reasons, we will suggest you register it in Taiwan firstly, then use Taiwan priority to apply for a China trademark.
*New Application of Trademark in Taiwan
*Renewal Application Of Trademark in Taiwan

Due Diligence For M&A Project 
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In Taiwan and major cities of China, we are focused on providing our featured services to overseas entities of these stock-listed parent companies in their own countries. If you have M&A target and you want confirmation on its feasibility, we can cater Due Diligence services.
Evershine CPAs Firm is well-experienced in doing these services and has already handled more than 50 Due Diligence cases assigned by global companies until July 2014.
Among them was a transaction worth 700 millions USD.
Service Coverage
*Review Past 3 years financial statements
*5-year financial statement forecast
*EBIDA calculation for your reference
*Tangible Assets Review
*Liability Review
*Share & Loan Capital Structure Review
*Review Intangible Assets
*Tax Risk Evaluation
*Guarantee to bear past tax risk of Target Company, if necessary
*Evaluate Contingent liability on Employee Benefit Plans
*Contingent Liability Evaluation through Execution of Legal Due Diligence procedures
*Feasible and workable Deal Structure Suggestion
*Review IT and Internal Control System
*After-merger Assistance for better control through cloud collaboration in the IT system

Other Services
Including Financial Auditing, Tax Auditing & Due Diligence
Tax Consultation:
Including Tax planning & preparation for corporate and individual returns
Business and Intellectual Property Valuation:
Including Business valuation, IP valuation, IP commercialization
Initial Public Offering Listing Planning:
Including Preparation for Asian enterprises listing in the US markets of OTCBB, AMEX and NASDAQ
US income tax return preparation:
Filing federal and state income tax returns for US citizens living abroad

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E-mail: tpe4ww@evershinecpa.com
Contact us during office hours  (Taipei and China Time Zone)
Director Jerry Chu, USA Graduate School Alumni and a well-English speaker
Mobile: +886-939-357-735
Tel No.: +886-2-2717-0515 ext. 103

Additional Information
Evershine has 100% affiliates in the following cities:
Headquarter, Taipei, Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Jakarta, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, Bucharest, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto

Other cities with existent clients:
Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Michigan, Seattle, Delaware; Berlin, Stuttgart; Prague; Czech Republic; Bangalore; Surabaya; Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Donguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Yongkang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xuchang, Qingdao, Tianjin.

Evershine Potential Serviceable City (2 months preparatory period):
Evershine CPAs Firm is an IAPA member firm headquartered in London, with 300 member offices worldwide and approximately 10,000 employees. Evershine CPAs Firm is a LEA member headquartered in Chicago, USA, it has 600 member offices worldwide and employs approximately 28,000 people. Besides, Evershine is Taiwan local Partner of ADP Streamline ®. (version: 2022/03)

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