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We provide you the TFDA  Food Registration services relevant to Products in Tablet or Capsule Form, Health Food, Food Additive, Special Dietary Food, Genetically Modified Food.

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Director Jerry Chu, USA Graduate School Alumni, and a well-English speaker
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Taiwan TFDA Food Registration 
Products in Tablet or Capsule Form
Health Food
Food Additive
Special Dietary Food
Genetically Modified Food

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Director Jerry Chu, USA Graduate School Alumni and a well-English speaker
Mobile: +886-939-357-735
Tel No.: +886-2-2717-0515 ext. 103

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Evershine CPAs Firm is an IAPA member firm headquartered in London, with 300 member offices worldwide and approximately 10,000 employees.
Evershine CPAs Firm is a LEA member headquartered in Chicago, USA, it has 600 member offices worldwide and employs approximately 28,000 people.
Besides, Evershine is Taiwan local Partner of ADP Streamline ®.
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