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Help Asian-based subsidiaries to provide compiled financial statements to its assigned USA SEC Auditors for their annual auditing or quarterly review in order to conform to the deadlines of filing the 8k, 10k, 10Q. Our clients’ senior accountants either can speak English or  fully understand USA GAAP.

Please send email: tpe4ww.ela
contact in Taipei working time
Ms. Kerry Chen, USA Graduate School Alumni & a well-English speaker
Tel No.: +886-2-27170515 ext. 600
Mobile: +886-939357000

Cloud Accounting System strengthen Evershine CPAs Firm in terms of providing USA GAAP Compilation.
Our colleagues in this service are auditors who thoroughly understand the regulations related to the 8k, 10Q and 10K, and are familiar with the USA GAAP.
In addition, we have in-house computer programmer to design custom-made software to compile financial statements in English.
Our colleagues can be assigned to provide this USA GAAP services from Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing and Xiamen or in any other city in China Area.
Several of our colleagues have experienced working with the “big four”.
Three of them were certified both in USA and Taiwan while one was certified in PRC & Taiwan. Some studied abroad respectively in USA, Canada, Japan, & Australia.
In addition to our Asian experience, we can offer you international level of service at a competitive cost.
Evershine CPAs firm has already served more than 20 Asian-based subsidiaries located in Taiwan, China and Japan whose  parent company are stock market listed companies on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and OTCBB.
Evershine welcomes any USA CPA firm to refer us to do work on this type of USA GAAP compilation job.
In April 2004, Evershine registered with the PCAOB of the United States.
Check Evershine CPAs Firm in the PCAOB website.
From then on, we started provision of USA GAAP Compilation services to branches and subsidiaries in China or Taiwan whose companies were listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, and OTCBB.

If you need our USA GAAP compilation services, please contact us:

Evershine CPAs Firm
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Dale C.C. Chen CPA/Principal partner
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Evershine CPAs Firm Headquarters
Ms. Kerry Chen, USA Graduate School Alumni & a well-English speaker
Tel No.: +886-2-27170515 ext. 600
Mobile: +886-939357000
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Additional Information

Evershine has its 100% owned office to provide you services in:
Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Hangzhou

We have been providing our services with our partners in:
Kaohsiung Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo Japan, Hangzhou China,
Nanjing China, Guangzhou China, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We can arrange co-serving partners for other locations not mentioned above, please click the links to find out more: IAPA Members and LEA Members. There are many Evershine CPAs Firm assoicates around the world. We have around 980 firms with 38,000 employees in about 450 cities. If your firms are located in the above-mentioned cities, we can serve you right away.

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Taiwan Tax Benefit

For enterprises that received approval for this tax benefit, the withholding tax rate on its income from Taiwan will be reduced from 20% to 3% or 2%.
Businesses whose headquarters are outside of Taiwan must apply for the tax benefit described in Article 25 of Income Tax Act with the Ministry of Finance and 15% of its business revenue within Taiwan would be the taxable income.


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Including both Financial Due Diligence (FDD) and Legal Due Diligence(LDD).
Evershine CPAs Firm is well-experienced in doing these services
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Among them , one was a transaction worth 700 millions USD.

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