Super Frozen Tuna OEM Services offered by Tunaking in Kaohsiung Taiwan

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TunaKing Enterprise in Kaohsiung Taiwan, being a client of  Evershine CPAs Firm,  have been offered below warehousing and manufacturing services on Ultra-low Temperature (-50℃)  Frozn Sushi Grade Tuna  since 1958 :
(1) To buy Tuna fish on behalf of you.  Tunaking will make Quality check according to your requirements
(2) To provide warehouse Space to you for storing your tunas or other sea-food in the ultra-low temperature (-50℃) environments.
(3) According to your requirements, Tunaking can process your Tuna to any processing steps
.Tuna’s decomposing
.skin-off and bone out
.Taking off the hernapheic part by roller machine
.Meticulous processing for lump or strip tuna
.packaging with your trade mark and design
.-50℃ storage
(4)Arranging logistic companies to deliver your processed tunas to the indicated locations.

Ultra-low temperature(-50℃ ) manufacturing facilities and Warehouse

TunaKing Enterprise are located at Kaohsiung Kaohsiung. They  have built a 3000 m2 space ultra-low temperature(-50℃ ) manufacturing facilities and where house to process tunas and store them for several years.
In the past, they have gotten the below achievement
(1)      Tuna King enterprise was authenticated with the -50℃ certification.
(2)      Ultra-low Temperature tuna electronic record
(3)      ISO 22000 2005 Food safety Management system certification
(4)      ISO 9001:2008(CNS 12681) Quality Management system certification.
(5)      HACCP Factory Certificate
(6)      Certificate of radiation examination report
(7)      Certificate of Ultra-low temperature tuna sashimi (Number of be stern) cotton bacillus, volatile basic nitrogh)
Regarding with the copies of the above mentioned certificates,
please see the webpage

What Tunaking can do in ultra-low temperature (-50℃) manufacturing facilities

Tuna King Enterprise having been built up ultra-low temperature (-50℃) manufacturing facilities and warehouse to process and store Frozen Sushi grade tuna.
Tunaking can execute below manufacture activities
(1)      When buying in Tuna Fish,Tunaking check cheer and classify them and store them in the ultra-low temperature -50℃ environments. These Tuna fish can be sold out without further processed.
(2)      When client make order, Tunaking can do below processing works.
.Tunas decomposing
.skin-off and bone-out
.Taking off the hemispheric part by roller machine
.Meticulous processing for lump or strip tuna
.-50℃ storage
Regarding with Flow Process of ultra-low temperature (-50℃) tuna,
Please see the webpage:

Contact us

If you are interested in the above services  offered by TunaKing or you want to get more information please contact us:
Dale C.C.Chen
Skype: Daleccchen
Mobile phone: +886-933-920-199

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