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Shanghai BPO Service limited company / Taipei Evershine CPAs Firm
Manager  Mercury Yang, well-English speaker, USA Graduate School Alumni
Mobile: +86-132-6858-2763 in China
Mobile: +886-930-773-366 in Taipei

Service items and packages in China

Service Items and Packages  please click it to get detailing information

Our services are composed  of below service items
Company set-up (symbolized as ELR),
Arranging Virtual Office (ELR-VRA),
Initializing your Business (ELI)
Special Industry Permit Application (ELS)
Work Permit and Resident Certificate Application (ELW)
Payroll Processing and compliance (ELP),
Expenses processing and its withholding tax compliance (ELE),
Business Processing Operation services (ELB) by industry as below:
**Trading industry: Selling-Purchasing-Inventory Cycle (TRD)
**Project –based industry: Selling-Purchasing cycle (PJT)
**Electronic Commercial Business (ECB)
**Retailing Industry (RTL)
**General Service industry (SVC)
**Electronic Commercial Service industry (ECS)
**Cost-plus Charge services (CPC)
VAT processing and compliance (ELV);
General Ledger Accounting and corporate income Tax compliance (GLA)
Annual Statutory Auditing and Tax-purpose auditing (ELY)
Other Miscellaneous Services (ELM)
Stock-listing Consulting Services(ELC)
Time-shared CFO services (ELC-CFO).

Cloud Services supported by Cloud System

Cloud system to support our featured services!!
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Our cloud accounting and payroll system was designed in-house in order to provide our online accounting services to WFOE clients across the globe.
Our clients obtain all cloud accounting and payroll services via unique access to our world-class web-platform.
We provide the above services for these enterprises (abbreviated as WFOE) in Sydney whose parent company specially comes from China or Taiwan.
We undertake four functions including Accounting and Tax, Treasury and web-banking maker, Payroll compliance, and Cloud System provider.
WFOE is acronym of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises.
When you adopt our services, we will act as your in-house accountant using web-platform system to create a collaborative working environment.
Although Evershine’ s staff need not sit on your office they can undertake all functions like an accountant recruited by yourself.

Online Knowledge Database assure compliance

Online Knowledge Database ww2wwPlease click it to get detailing introduction.

We have built County-by-country online Knowledge Database based on Main Topics.
The Main Topics are relevant with those must-know issues when a Multi-National-Entity (MNC) expand overseas entities.
We use County-by-country online Knowledge Database to sharing and training Evershine staff and local partner staff.
It really be helpful for assuring our clients being compliance with tax, payroll and investment regulations in each country.

Link  below to get more individual  service detailing information

China Company Registration

China Cloud Accounting and Tax compliance Services

China Cloud  Payroll and  Compliance Service

Due Diligence For M&A Project

China Trademark Registration

Links to below  cities to get more detailing information

>> Beijing
>> Shanghai
>> Hangzhou
>> Nanjing
>> Xiamen
>> Taipei
>>Tianjin ,
>>Hsu Chang, 許昌
>>Wuxi, 無錫
>>Kansan, 昆山
>>Hangzhou ,
>>Qing yuan, 清遠
>>Hong Kong,

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If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned services,
please send an email with your requirements to
Expect response within 2 working days.

For investment structure relevant with multi-national tax planning and Financial & Legal Due Diligence for M&A (Merge and Acquisition),
send an email to & contact
Dale Chen, Principal Partner/CPA in Taiwan+China+UK, AIA, & over-all responsible for these arrangements.
linkedin address: Dale Chen Linkedin

Additional Information (20170520)

Evershine has its 100% owned office to provide you services in 10 cities:
Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, Singapore, New Delhi,

Besides, we have been providing our services by Both Evershine staff and local co-serving partners in below additional 18 cities:
Tianjin , Hsu Chang, Suzhou, Wuxi, Kansan, Hangzhou ,Nanjing, Guangzhou, Qing yuan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur , Hu chi minh city, Bangkok, Jakarta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Manila.

We can arrange co-serving partners for other locations not mentioned above, please click the links to find out more: IAPA Members and LEA Members. There are many Evershine CPAs Firm associates around the world. We have around 980 firms with 38,000 employees in about 450 cities. If your firms are located in the above-mentioned cities, we can serve you right away.

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All Services in Taiwan

Company registration,
Open bank account,
Work Permit and Visa application;
Online Accounting Services,
Payment Services,
Tax Compliance Services;
Payroll compliance Services,
Trademark Registration;
Due Diligence for M&A project,
Selling-out Business on behalf of Seller

All Services in China

Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and other major cities in China;
Company Registration,
Open Bank Account,
Work Permit and Z Visa;
Online Accounting Services;
Payment services;
Payroll compliance services;
Trademark registration;
Due Diligence for M&A Project

All Services in APAC

We act as your in-house accountant supported by cloud accounting and payroll system.
We are a member of LEA and IAPA.
Our affiliated companies are located at APAC major cities.
We are featured in providing services to the overseas entities of MNC (Multi-National-Companies) parent companies.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud Services supported by Cloud System
Global wise organized Service Items and Packages
We have built County-by-country online Knowledge Database
We use it for sharing and training Evershine staff and local partner staff.
Assuring our clients being compliance with tax, payroll and investment regulations in each country.