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阿聯主要城市公司設立登記,商標登記,進出口證,特許行業申請等。公司設立後雲端系統支援的會計薪資服務。 阿聯酋杜拜與臺灣同事攜手協同爲您服務。為地球暖化盡一份心力,減少空中旅行。

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外資公司設立 (永輝代號:ELR-SUB)

Company registration process (Estimated duration: 40 days)
1. 公司名稱經當地工商行政管理機關批准。
2. 取得商務部批准證書。
3. 向當地AIC申請五合一營業執照(在收到批准證書後)。
4. 雕刻印章(所有公司都需要有公章)。可以從公安局獲得。
1. Company’s name approval with local Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC).
2. Obtain Approval Certificate from Ministry of Commerce.
3. Application for five-in-one business license (after Approval Certificate is received) to local AIC.
**Five-in-one business license: business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, social security registration certificate, statistical registration certificate.
4. Carving chops (all companies required to have an official seal). It can be obtained from Public Security Bureau (PSB).

Required documents
1. 提供公司名稱
2. 專案建議書(用途、業務範圍、期限、投資額等)和2份,並經所有投資者簽名。
3. 投資者營業執照/護照複印件(公證和認證原件2份,所有投資者簽名2份)。
4. 產品和技術聲明。
5. 備忘錄和公司章程及2份所有投資者簽名的副本。
6. 董事會和高級行政人員名單、主管護照複印件和2份所有投資者簽名的副本。
7. 法人護照或居住證複印件,2份,並帶有所有投資者的簽名。
8. 公司房地租賃協議或購買合同,2份,所有投資者簽名。
9. 房東財產證明。
10. 董事會和高級行政人員授權檔及2份所有投資者簽名的副本。
11. 法人的兩張照片和聯繫人的兩張照片。
12. 其他文件(有關當局可根據具體情況要求提供其他檔)。公司建築房屋擁有權證書原件複印件或證明支付最新款項的檔

1. Provide company names
2. Project Proposal (purpose, business scope, period, investment amount, among others) and 2 copies with all investors’ signatures.
3. Certificate of business license/copy of Passport of investors (2 originals of notarization and authentication and 2 copies with all investors signature).
4. Statement on the Products and Technologies.
5. Memorandum & Articles of Association and 2 copies with all investors’ signature.
6. A Name list of the Board and Senior Executives, copy of passport of supervisor and 2 copies with all investors’ signature.
7. Copy of Passport or Residential Card of the Legal Person and 2 copies with all investors’ signatures.
8. Lease Agreement or Purchasing Contract of Company Premises and 2 copies with all investors’ signatures.
When you use the registered address arranged by us. We will provide the Lease Agreement.
9. Certificate of Property of the Landlord.
When you use the registered address arranged by us. We will provide the Lease Agreement.
10. Authorization Documents for the Board and Senior Executives and 2 copies with all investors’ signatures.
11. Two Photos of Legal Person and two photos of Contact Person.
12. Other Documents (relevant authorities may require additional documents as per specific cases). A photocopy of the original house ownership Certificate for the building of the company or a document to prove payment of the latest house tax; and a photocopy of the original house lease contract or an agreement issued by the Landlord.
–Please note that this quotation is based on the assumption that special permit application is not required.

年付公司秘書服務 (永輝代號:ELR-ACS)

Providing Company Secretory Services, virtual office address, letter correspondence services

網路銀行申請服務 (永輝代號:ELI-IBA)

Ever shine 的工作人員將陪同客戶前往銀行並提供相關協助。
我們一直建議客戶開設具有網上銀行功能的銀行賬戶,它將有三個角色:創建者,審覈者,批准者。在三個角色中, Ever shine 的員工將被分配爲 Maker ,以便將匯款銀行文件上傳到您的銀行。
Evershine’s staff will accompany client to the bank and provide the relevant assistance.
Whether or not the client can establish an account is on the bank’s decision.
We always suggest clients to open bank account with internet banking function which will have three roles: Maker, Reviewer, Approver. Among three roles, Evershine staff will be assigned to be Maker in order to upload remittance bank files to your bank.

United Arab Emirates foreign-owned incorporation Procedures
(digested from World Bank: www.doingbusiness.com 2021/0610)

機構 : 家庭
APPLIES TO WOMEN ONLY: Obtain husband’s approval to leave the marriage home
Agency : Home
根據個人身份法 71 和 72 ,妻子必須徵得丈夫的同意才能離開婚姻家庭。如果妻子無正當理由拒絕搬入婚房,或離開家,或阻止丈夫進入婚房,或拒絕與丈夫一起旅行,妻子可能會失去贍養費(第 71 條)。法律要求妻子服從丈夫,維護房屋及其財產,並母乳喂養嬰兒,除非有障礙。如果婦女未經丈夫同意而決定從事活動,則可能會被視為不聽話,只有少數例外。
As per Personal Status law, art. 71 and 72 the wife must seek her husband’s consent to leave the marital home. A wife may lose her maintenance if she refuses to move to the marital home, or leaves the home, or prevents her husband from entering the marital home, or refuses to travel with her husband, all without legitimate excuses (Art. 71).
The law also requires a wife to be obedient to her husband, maintain the house and its belongings, and breastfeed infant children unless there is an impediment. A woman may be considered disobedient, with few exceptions, if she decides to engage in activities without her husband’s consent.
1 day
在經濟發展部 (DED) 申請保留公司名稱,公證 MoA 及註冊
機構 : 經濟發展部
Reserve a company name, notarize MoA and Apply for registration at the Department of Economic Development (DED)
Agency : Department of Economic Development
1) 選擇法律形式
2) 選擇經營活動
– 合夥人在資本中的份額
– 合夥人之間的盈虧分配
– 保留一個新的商號
– 使用自動生成的商號,其中包含商號保留編號
5) 在公司商業登記數據中添加Capital的值,其餘字段將自動填寫
6) 將顯示在可用電子服務內發布電子組織備忘錄的選項,客戶可以選擇此選項或跳過。
8) 支付費用

通過 Instant License 服務,企業家可以選擇在同一個應用程序中籤署電子組織備忘錄。也可以跳過這一步,在這種情況下,他們必須在第一年後更新他們的許可證時提供經過公證的 MoA。企業家在第一年不需要有公司租約或地點。但是,當一年後需要更新許可證時,他們需要提交一份文件,證明他們有一個地點和租賃合同。作為即時許可申請的一部分,必須支付以下費用:
1)經濟發展部費用:AED 600(商業牌照費)+ AED 100(初步審批費)+ AED 600(商號預留費)+ AED 2,000(外文名稱含號碼費)+ AED 15,000(一般貿易牌照發放)費用)+ AED 30(政府文化費)+ AED 30(創新迪拉姆費)+ AED 50(行政服務費)+ AED 350(商品名稱廣告費)
2) 迪拜市政費用:AED 3,000(市場費用)+ AED 1,000(公共垃圾相關服務費)+ AED 80(服務改進費)
3)迪拜商會費用:AED 1,200
4) 經濟部費用:AED 3,000
5) 本地貿易執照費:AED 100
6) 商業執照 – Tejari 費用:200 迪拉姆
總費用:34,340 迪拉姆

To obtain a general trading license and register an LLC, the entrepreneur must complete an online application using the Instant License service. This application is launched through the e-services website of the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Upon completion of the online application, the entrepreneur automatically receives an establishment card reference number from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The entrepreneur is also automatically registered for membership at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The entrepreneur must carry out the following steps in the Instant License application:
1) Select legal form
2) Select business activities
3) Add the partners according to the legal form, and identify the following points:
– Partners’ share in the Capital
– Distribution of profits and losses between the partners
4) Reserve a new trade name through the following ways:
– Reserve a new trade name
– Use an automatically generated trade name which consists of the trade name reservation number
5) Add the value of the Capital in the commercial register data of the Company, and the rest of the fields will be filled automatically
6) An option will be shown to issue an electronic memorandum of association within the available electronic service, and the customer may choose this option or just skip it.
7) A payment voucher shall be issued
8) Pay the fees
Through the Instant License service, entrepreneurs have the option to sign an electronic memorandum of association in the same application. They can also skip this step, in which case they must provide a notarized MoA when it is time to renew their license after the first year.

Entrepreneurs do not need to have a company lease or location during the first year. However, when it is time to renew the license a year later, they need to submit a document proving they have a location and a lease contract.
The following fees must be paid as part of the Instant License application:
1) Department of Economic Development fees: AED 600 (commercial license fee) + AED 100 (preliminary approval fee) + AED 600 (trade name reservation fee) + AED 2,000 (foreign name containing numbers fee) + AED 15,000 (general trading license issuing fee) + AED 30(government cultural fee) + AED 30 (Innovation Dirham fee) + AED 50 (administrative services fee) + AED 350 (trade name advertisement fee)
2) Dubai Municipality fees: AED 3,000 (market fee) + AED 1,000 (public waste-related services fees) + AED 80 (service improvement fees)
3) Dubai Chamber of Commerce fees: AED 1,200
4) Ministry of Economy fees: AED 3,000
5) Local trade license fees: AED 100
6) Commercial License – Tejari fees: AED 200
Total fees: AED 34,340
Less than one day(online procedure)
Applies to women only.
機構 : 阿聯酋人力資源部
Register native workers with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security
Agency : Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization

根據第 1215/2005 號部長令,本地工人必須在阿聯酋人力資源部以及養老金和社會保障總局進行註冊。
– 僱傭合同複印件3份
– 雇主護照複印件
– 營業執照副本
– 阿聯酋公民的證明
According to Ministerial decree No 1215/2005, native workers must be registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security.
The following documents are required for submission during this registration:
– 3 copies of the employment contract
– A copy of employer’s passport
– A copy of the trading license
– A proof that the worker is a UAE citizen
3 days


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